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Off Site Data Backup - Cloud Service

Off Site Data Backup - Cloud Service - Cary Grove Computer Repair

Backing up your data is very important, if your computer hard drive crashes and you lose your data it can be devastating. Even having an external hard drive may not be enough. If your computer's data is important to you than you should consider our "Off Site Data Backup", better known as Cloud Backup.

We work with high end offsite data centers to offer your an affordable safe and secure program.

How does it work?
Once you sign up with us we email you a small program to install on your computer that walks you through step by step on how to back up your data to the cloud. It is very simple and very user friendly. If you don't want to mess with setting it up yourself we will be more than happy to do it all for you.

How Safe is my Data?
Your files are our top priority, it's security you can count on.
Our data center takes the safety and security of your files very seriously, your data is constantly encrypted using a 256 bit secured socket layer encryption.
Throughout all stages of file transfer your files are extremely secure and are stored in our high tech cloud data centers that are monitored 24 hours a day.