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If you are having issues with your iPhone not working, we can repair it for you. Most repairs are done same day, usually within 1 hour!

Please contact us at 847-230-9111 with your specific issue with your iPhone and we can let you know the cost.

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iPhone repair

Listed below is our most common iPhone Repairs

iPhone Glass replacement

Cracked Screen Replacement

If your screen is cracked we can replace it fast. We use the highest quality parts to ensure that you will not have any issues once you leave.

iPhone Headphone jack

Headphone Jack Repair

Headphone jack stop working? This is a common problem. We can replace your headphone jack.

Camera Replacement

Camera Replacement

Having issues with your front or rear camera? We can replace your camera so you can take pictures with confidence.

Water Damage

If your iPhone is water damaged please bring it in as soon as possible. When it comes to water damage the quicker we can dry it out the better chance we have of being able to repair your phone.

iPhone Power button

Power Button

We can replace your power button if it is not working.

iPhone Vibrator Repair

Vibrator Repair

When your phone is on silent and you don’t get a notification, your vibrator may be damaged.

Home Button Repair

If your home button is not working or sticking we can replace it for you.

iPhone Mic Repair

Mic Repair

Having troubles with people hearing you? It may be that your iPhone’s microphone is malfunctioning.

Not all repairs are applicable to all iPhones. Please call us at 847-230-9111 for details.


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