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Cary Grove Computers offers next day service for most iPad repairs. iPad Repairs are subject to availability in stock.
Please call us at 847-230-9111 to schedule an appointment for guaranteed next day service. We repair all models of iPads

“Just had my son’s 6yr old iPad repaired for a fraction of the cost of a new one! The battery was good but the charging port needed to be replaced. We have also used them to have many iPhone screens replaced. Service is always quick and excellent. We will definitely be going back for all future electronic repairs!”
-Grace B.
iPad Repair on iPads

Listed below is a list of our most common iPad repairs.

iPad Cracked Screen

iPad Screen Repair

If you dropped your iPad and cracked the screen don’t worry we will replace your cracked screen and make it look like new.

Bad iPad LCD

LCD Replacement

If your iPad’s display doesn’t work or has lines on it you probably need your LCD replaced.

iPad Charger port

Charger Port Repair

If your iPad doesn’t show that it is charging when plugged in you may need your charger port replaced.

iPad Battery Replacement

Battery Replacement

If your battery isn’t holding a charge or just dies too fast, it is time to replace your iPads Battery.

iPad diagnostic Service

Diagnostic Service

If your iPad is not working but you are not sure what is wrong with it, just bring it in and we can diagnose it for you.

iPad Water Damage

Water Damage

If your iPad is water damaged bring it to us as soon as possible. Corrosion on the electronics inside happens fast. We can professionally dry and fix your water damaged iPad.

iPad Mic Repair

iPad Mic Repair

Trying to Facetime and can’t be heard? Your mic on your iPad may be damaged. We can replace your mic and get you back on Facetime.

iPad headphone repair

Headphone Jack

If your headphone jack isn’t working we will replace it for you.

iPad Wifi Repair

WiFi Repair

If your iPad is having issues connecting to the internet you may need your WiFi antenna replaced.

iPad Camera Repair

Camera Repair

Pictures blurry or camera isn’t working at all? We can replace your iPads Camera and get  you taking pictures in no time.

iPad Power Repair

Power Button Repair

Can’t turn on your iPad? It may just be a bad power button. We will replace your faulty power button and get your iPad working.

iPad Volume Control

iPad Volume Repair

Can’t turn your iPad volume up or down? You may need your iPad’s volume control replaced.

Not all repairs are applicable to all iPads. Please call us at 847-230-9111 for details.


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