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Formally Located at 7510 S. Virgina Rd, Crystal Lake, IL 60014 Echelon Computers is now Cary Grove Computers.

For computer repair in Crystal Lake, IL come to Cary Grove Computers we are best of the Fox! Right next door to Crystal Lake. We also offer refurbished Mac and PC computers.

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We have seen it all give us a call at 847-230-9111 and talk to one of our experienced technicians with any of your computer issues.


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Evan RandomnessEvan Randomness
21:31 09 Jul 24
Very helpful knowledgeable guys. Dropped off a hard drive with an absolutely destroyed sata port and they had were able to fix it and surprisingly enough I didn’t even need a new hard drive. Definitely a go to if you need computer assistance!
Jonah MarkowitzJonah Markowitz
16:15 25 Jun 24
I’ve been a customer for years, and always so grateful for the excellent service! So reasonable and so accommodating! Chad and crew are the best! I would recommend to everyone!
Cal ZimmermanCal Zimmerman
21:05 19 Jun 24
These guys are very helpful, my computer is my work life and crashed before heading out on international trip, they had it fixed in less than 24 hours. I could not be happier. Strongly recommend!!
jarrett meierjarrett meier
14:58 10 Jun 24
I've had my gigabyte laptop for probably 3 years now, and they replaced the fan for me because it was making a clicking noise, it was done within a few days and didn't cost much. Great service, the guys were really nice and helpful.
David MontoyaDavid Montoya
18:29 15 May 24
This company has helped me with two different computers Any technical issues I will always bring to them 100% satisfied
Tommy TeethTommy Teeth
15:35 03 May 24
Chad is outstanding. Has helped multiple times with different computers. Our go to guy.
Michael GMichael G
22:31 16 Apr 24
These guys provide honest prices, excellent customer service and they are very good at what they do. I’ve brought several laptops here for work over the years and CG Computers could not be happier with their work. After accidentally frying my laptop at work, I made the mistake of bringing my laptop into another computer shop closer to where I work and it was a complete disaster. Ended up bringing it to CG computers and they were able to remedy the situation, but it was a lesson learned that long as I live in this area, this is the only place I’ll bring my laptop to if/when it needs work done on it.
Debbie FabianDebbie Fabian
23:11 06 Apr 24
Always helpful and Dependable
nicki smithnicki smith
16:32 29 Mar 24
Karen J WillsKaren J Wills
18:16 27 Mar 24
I couldn't be happier with the service, attention we received from Chad and his team. We had an urgent situation arise with our computer system at work and Cary Grove Computers realized the gravity of the situation and jumped right in to puts things in working order again ! This is the team to use!
Bryan RathjenBryan Rathjen
03:31 23 Mar 24
Cary Grove Computers is one of those rare companies where impeccable service, fair prices and customer loyalty still exist in one place. I have turned to Chad at Cary Grove to repair my computers, replace my cracked screens and purchase new hardware. The past six years have been a solid string of five star service at a shop I can trust to fix almost anything electronic and offer great advice you can count on.
Jennifer LorenzJennifer Lorenz
01:21 19 Mar 24
Jean CJean C
22:29 04 Mar 24
Again, a year later, the service at this group is unparalleled. Chad and Kyle are thorough, professional and responsive. A great experience.
07:39 20 Feb 24
I'd like to say I wanted to leave a glowing review, but I simply can't do that in good conscience. For repairs they seem great but do not upgrade your computer here.I brought in my laptop for an upgrade with all the necessary parts provided: NVME SSD, HDD, and RAM. I was due to fly back to my home country in a week's time and needed this laptop as it was my only means of accessing a PC. I was also reliant on the transport of family since I was unable to access a car during my visit. I let Chad know this who was friendly and keen to help me get the upgrade done. He promised a quick turn around in a few days. Confident, I left.I return in a few days and suddenly they tell me my SSD clone failed (no real explanation as to why), my HDD one went smoothly, they installed Windows 11 without my permission, and my RAM was dead on arrival (DOA) and couldn't be installed. The RAM isn't their fault, but what I don't understand is why they didn't call to tell me any of this. Especially as I was meant to be a priority. I tried asking questions, mainly about the failed clone and also changing the main Windows user directory name (NOT the account name, the root username directory of your computer as this is incredibly hard to change after OS installation), but didn't feel they understood what I was asking, but I was low-key freaking out a bit. Felt spoken down to by their technician who told me how to change the account name as if I was a child and didn't understand I was talking about the root user directory. So my PC account was stuck as 'Valued Customer'. Yikes.With no time to return the RAM for a replacement, what ensued was sheer stress, a mess of my system, and a mad dash for new compatible RAM at local stores before I left the States.Chad was kind and seemed genuinely concerned about the mess, telling me they only stocked parts on order and were unable to let me pay for new RAM in-store. But he offered to replace the RAM with a new stick for 'free' should I find one before they shut for the weekend. This gave me roughly a little over two hours to find the needed part. By luck I did, a Crucial DDR4 3200MHz, for double the price I initially paid for my first part. I brought it back, their technician Kyle said they would have it installed on Monday, the day before my flight left.Roll on Monday. Kyle phoned and immediately hung up on hearing my husband answer, making me call back since I recognised the number off my given invoice. No voicemail or anything. Very unprofessional and I have the chat log to prove the strange behaviour. Go back into store, and they couldn't install the RAM. Wasn't compatible. Despite it being the same RAM as the last, just a different brand. I was told there were different types of RAM when asked. I bought an 'A' when I needed a 'V'. Nowhere is this listed on both of the RAM descriptions that I bought.Adding more confusion to the mix, they told me they installed another bit of RAM that WAS compatible in their store. Despite telling me that they didn't have the parts in stock? Disgruntled, I took my laptop away to clean hands of this whole mess, feeling like they'd done a butcher's job on my system.Worse? I used command prompt to check the RAM they installed: a Kingston 2400MHz. Slower speed than the initial 3200MHz that I provided. Oh, and they kept my newly bought, unopened Crucial RAM for the pleasure. That to me is not installing RAM for free. That's giving me slower, likely used PC parts while pocketing the faster, new one and hiding the fact.I had to make a clean install of Windows 11 when I got home to get rid of the ridiculous 'Valued Customer' account name and spent days getting my system back in order.I made a whole thread on a trusted PC Help Forum about the whole debacle, with some users voicing their concern at the practices used at this store. Chad was kind and genuinely wanted to help, but my experience and contact with Kyle leave much to be desired. I won't be back and unless it's a repair, I would advise others to stay well away. For me, it's another lesson learnt.
Lisa WhiteLisa White
16:04 18 Feb 24
Chad and his team figured out my issue quickly and fixed it promptly and affordably the same day. Highly recommend!
21:58 17 Feb 24
Chad is awesome. His work is of the highest quality and his integrity is beyond reproach. His pricing is very reasonable and the work is done on time. I can't say enough about Chad and Cary Grove Computers. Stop reading this and just go see Chad.
chris Davischris Davis
02:09 11 Feb 24
Always great results
Boggie KlosowiakBoggie Klosowiak
17:18 28 Jan 24
Absolutely phenomenal service. Extremely quick to respond to messages and questions. Trustworthy, fairly priced.I will, without a doubt, be returning to them for all my computer needs.
Jay MenzelJay Menzel
14:27 22 Jan 24
21:49 22 Dec 23
Quick, affordable, and quality work
Cortlandt BaumCortlandt Baum
13:15 13 Dec 23
I brought my Iphone 12 in to get the cracked screen replaced, and nothing else was wrong with my phone. I was told that they glass they use would look and function the exact same as genuine Apple glass, and that could not be more false. The visual quality of the screen was noticeably poorer and the functionality of the screen decreased significantly, with me regularly having to turn my phone on and off just to get the screen to register touch. Less than a week later, the entire screen was fully unusable and I had to go into Apple to get it fixed. They charged me $165 for the repair and then HUNG UP ON ME when I called to ask them about it afterwards. My advice: spend the little extra money and get it fixed correctly at the product servicer.
Tony GiacominoTony Giacomino
02:14 01 Dec 23
Chad was great to work with. . Had my computer repaired in promised time and priced very reasonably.
John LinkJohn Link
18:17 20 Nov 23
Cary Grove Computers did a wonderful job, diagnosing, and quickly repairing our HP tower.
21:34 14 Nov 23
Chad and team were efficient, honest and affordable! Our MacBook had a large drink of a caramel latte and they managed expectations and helped through the whole process! The computer didn’t live but the files were retrieved and transferred to a comparable computer that I could take home in just a few days! I will use again (hopefully not for a spilled beverage) and completely recommend Cary Grove Computers!
Bob DisselhorstBob Disselhorst
18:31 06 Nov 23
I went to Echelon for all my computer needs, they merged with Cary Grove Computers and the service is just as good!
Rebecca HaughtRebecca Haught
22:04 31 Oct 23
I am so impressed what a pleasant experience I had with the people at Cary Grove Computers. My Ipad was repaired in less than 24 hours. Both of the people whom I spoke with were so nice and as well as knowledgeable. I will be sure to recommend them in a heartbeat!
Integrity and superior customer service on steroids! Bought a refurbished iPad that never really worked right. Four months past the purchase date, I finally got around to stopping in. Instead of being turned away Cary Grove Computers apologized and worked on the iPad free of charge. Things still weren’t working correctly. So, I brought the iPad back in a couple months later. Once again, me and my ipad were welcomed. Once again, the techs worked on the iPad free of charge with no resolution. The issues remained. My jaw dropped when I was told they were going to replace my iPad. Personalized, small business service at its best!!
Rockstana ForeverRockstana Forever
15:18 16 Oct 23
Chad solved my issue immediately and was really friendly and good to work with. I had taken my MacBook Pro to the Geek Squad for a malfunctioning ESC key. They unbelievably told me they would have to send it out for repair and it would take 2 weeks - this is a true story - for a broken ESC key. Chad replaced the key immediately this morning. I was also imprssed with the store - filled with refurbished Macs. Now I know exactly where to take any of my Macs for any problem and am confident Chad will either fix it or make a sensible recommendation.
Donna CigrangDonna Cigrang
15:03 06 Oct 23
I brought my computer in because it quit working and it was repaired within one full day. It works great now! I highly recommend Cary Grove Computers.
Nicole GaborekNicole Gaborek
21:26 08 Sep 23
I called them about trying to repair a 1984 Toshiba receiver that was having some electrical problems. I didn't know who else to call in the area but they were happy to try and help me. They had it fixed in about a week (replaced capacitors) and thoroughly tested it before giving it back to me. I'm so thrilled that they were willing to help me!
Javier GarciaJavier Garcia
21:20 14 Jul 23
Good customer service & prices
Og 24Og 24
21:14 08 Jul 23
Melissa GarskiMelissa Garski
18:22 24 Jun 23
Today my computer crashed and I wasn't able to access any files. Cary Grove Computers was busy, and I was leaving for a work trip tomorrow. They still took the time to have me come in to at least see if there was an option to fix things. They spend 30 minutes with me at the counter, and then gave me a trouble shooting option as a last step. I am happy to say that the last option worked- and they saved my computer! Not only did they go out of their way to take the time to assist, they also didn't charge me for this service. I will 100% recommend and always go back to Cary Grove Computers - SHOP LOCAL!
Neal TierneyNeal Tierney
20:33 16 Jun 23
The guy running this is a true computer wizard, if it can be fixed he'll fix it. And the pricing is Incredible, i ended up paying half of what I was expecting
John MaherJohn Maher
17:34 01 Jun 23
Cary Grove Computers is inexpensive with good service. They are knowledgeable and helpful.
Colleen TillColleen Till
14:14 22 May 23
Had 2 IPad repairs. Excellent service and reasonably priced. They’re very knowledgeable and helpful. The second repair went a little sideways and required additional work. Chad’s only goal was to make it right, and he did. You don’t find many businesses like this anymore. I highly recommend them.
William KoltonWilliam Kolton
21:37 17 Apr 23
Cary Grove Computers - is my place to go to for computer repair,virus, and questions.There prices are fair. I had a question about windows and they answer the without any hesitation and didn't embarrass me.
Carrie LubingCarrie Lubing
21:56 30 Mar 23
When I bought my computer I did not buy it with enough RAM. My needs have changed and I was running into a lot of issues with performance. It seemed like no one was going to be able to help me. Until I met Chad. He was honest from the start, but I had a feeling he would be able to help me. And he did. My computer works better than when I first got it. I can't thank Chad enough. My computer works like a dream now. I would highly recommend bringing your computer to his store if your having issues.
Robert WoodsRobert Woods
21:12 10 Mar 23
I have not been working with computers for the last 8 to 10 years. So when my computer when down I was not able to get it back up. I took it to Cary Grove. They were able to get it up and running. In no time. And it didn't cost me that much. The work was great and I would use them again.
Robert FisterRobert Fister
23:25 07 Mar 23
This was the first time I used Cary Grove Computers. My wife and I had multiple issues with our laptop. First, the laptop lost the ability to boot up Windows. Second, the laptop office suite was not working. Lastly, we had installed a new Xfinity Gateway and that resulted in a disruption to internet access. Chad was very professional, friendly, and patient as he explained each of the issues and proposed solutions to us. Chad was able to solve each of the laptop issues and returned our laptop in a very short period of time. All of this was done at a reasonable price. Based on this experience, I plan on using Cary Grove Computers for any future computer issues and highly recommend others to do the same.
Marge OMarge O
22:22 13 Feb 23
Awesome service!!! I dropped off my laptop that was having email and internet problems. I use it for business and of course this happened at the worst possible time (always, right?). It’s an older computer and I feared the worst. But Kyle and Chad were super reassuring and had my computer fixed and humming less than 24 hours later. Very reasonable too! I’m now a customer for life! Highly recommend!
Danielle TygerDanielle Tyger
20:04 20 Jan 23
Chad was incredibly helpful and kind. I thought my MacBook was toast after spilling some liquid on it, but Chad did everything he could to salvage it. In the end, none of my data was lost and although it took a bit of troubleshooting, my laptop is working great! 10/10 recommend.
John RedmondJohn Redmond
04:33 17 Dec 22
If there was a way to leave a 6th or 7th star, we would. We brought in a 50 year old semi-electronic game with a broken speaker. No one else would even try, and they got it to work. They were excited to help, and charged a very reasonable price. They helped make Christmas. Would 1000% recommend.
Scott KupermanScott Kuperman
17:18 10 Oct 22
Good people. Good place to do business. Professional, courteous and friendly and highly knowledgeable. They fixed my laptop. I have 7 computers so I will be returning to them any time I need PC repairs in the future.
Lynne FairchildLynne Fairchild
21:13 03 Oct 22
I use an iMac Desktop, and I have my own home-based business. For years, I have been looking for that person whom I can trust to work on my computer. You know, that person who always knows what to do, does it professionally and efficiently, and has fair prices. Chad at Cary Grove Computers is that person. Call him; then, you will have found that person too. Friendly, excellent, good-value service. Thank you, Chad!
Jackie KrausJackie Kraus
21:39 27 Sep 22
I had another successful experience with Chad. He was very helpful in assisting me with a Microsoft Word problem. Couldn't have done it without his positive approach to my frustration. I highly recommend Cary Grove Computers for service on Apple and other computers, as well as shopping for that good as new computer and other components. Very professional with great custom care.Thank you, Chad.Jackie Kraus
joe millerjoe miller
14:05 06 Sep 22
The team fixed my issue quickly the price was really what I thought was cheap for the quality of work they did. Also while I was there I bought a “used” 16” MAC Book Pro for a awesome price.
Kimberly PetersonKimberly Peterson
00:29 05 Aug 22
So helpful, and quick!! Kept me informed and answered all of my ridiculous questions. Cannot recommended enough!
Joe WoodburyJoe Woodbury
01:19 25 Jul 22
Got older Mack lol pro was in another shop for 3 weeks before that repair shop recommended Cary Croce Computers. 3 or 4 days later it was fixed and running great. I couldn’t believe how reasonable the repair price was. They are my go to people now
Joyce BeckerJoyce Becker
18:45 06 Jul 22
Chad was amazing and so helpful. He was able to retrieve my files from a computer that crashed and nobody else was able to do that. He also gave me some good advice about my website. I will never go anywhere else
Blue SkyBlue Sky
22:58 30 Jun 22
My highest recommendations, Chad took a dead laptop ..brought it back to life, returned it in better condition than when it was dropped off ...and saved all the data that was otherwise lost. His prices are very very reasonable .... amazing service and turnaround was next day .... I could not have found anyone better ... CGC are the absolute best in my opinion...reliable and fair.
kathi davieskathi davies
21:10 29 Jun 22
Brought my iPhone to Cary Grove Computers today after it stopped working. Thought for sure I was going to have to go buy a new phone but figured it was worth a try. Not only did they fix it but I had it back in under 2 hours. Also was expecting to pay much more for such great service than I did! Thanks Cary Grove Computers ! Made my day!
Aimee WoodAimee Wood
19:47 29 Jun 22
Shout out to Chad at Cary Grove Computers for fixing my laptop in a timely manner! He was honest, fast, and provided a very reasonable price. I highly recommend Cary Grove Computers for any of your computer/phone/tablet needs!
15:39 02 Jun 22
Very friendly service, they were able to reset my computer and get it running very fast again! 10/10 would reccomend, if I have any more computer issues I'll definitely be going to them again. Their prices are very fair as well!
Phyllis HahnPhyllis Hahn
16:31 02 May 22
I took a laptop in that had a very intermittent problem. They couldn't get it to fail but one of their technicians thought of something he had dealt with in the past and they tried it. It worked! No more problem, cost was extremely reasonable. Very nice people to work with.
claudia conroyclaudia conroy
17:08 29 Apr 22
Chad at Cary Grove Computers is quick, personable and patient with someone like me who is not very smart when it come to computers. He replaced a hard drive when he could have tried to sell me a new laptop. Then he offered to transfer data if my backup program didn’t. Will definitely use them again if needed.
Rob LutzowRob Lutzow
16:11 04 Apr 22
Awesome Service and Good Value! Also easy to find right off Northwest Highway in Cary!
Sandra GranthamSandra Grantham
15:36 01 Feb 22
Great company. Took my 15 year old MacBook Pro to Chad he not only backed up everything for me he updated my operating system. This thing is lightning fast now! Saved me from having to purchase a new one. These folks are great to work with I highly recommend them.
Michael HartMichael Hart
17:05 26 Jan 22
My computer would not boot up, I tried everything I could think of and could not get it working. I was recommended Cary Grove Computer Repair by a friend and after reading some reviews I thought I would give them a try. I am so glad I did as he was able to fix the problem, replace and upgrade the hard drive. Computer works great now. Very friendly, honest and informative. The prices are also very reasonable. From now on I will be taking all the computer repairs to Cary Grove Computer Repair.
DT JauchDT Jauch
18:32 18 Jan 22
Got a quote in 1 min, and got screen fixed within an hour. The tech is so nice as well. Highly recommend
Chad SeversonChad Severson
21:52 18 Nov 21
Chad is the man! Great place for Apple fixes. He is reliable, fair, and goes above and beyond to accommodate his customers. I wouldn’t go anywhere else! And oh yeah, his prices are good. Stop by and see Chad!
Larry KujovichLarry Kujovich
17:57 22 Jul 21
Service was very fast and reasonable with super helpful and friendly owners. A real find!!
Mark AnthonyMark Anthony
15:44 20 May 21
Great service. Very friendly and affordable. Quality work! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
Herman RodiekHerman Rodiek
01:42 14 Dec 19
Chad and his staff did a OUTSTANDING job. It was a real pleasure doing business with them.I try and do business with local businesses instead of major chains. I cant say enough about the customer service and reasonable rates. I highly recommend going to them...Any future issues I have I'm going there. Thanks again for such a pleasurable experience.
Brian ShawBrian Shaw
05:01 15 Nov 19
Chad was great. He was fair and honest. He fixed my Macbook Pro in a timely manner. I would recommend Cary Grove Computers to anyone.
Lance NeusesLance Neuses
17:39 12 Nov 19
Great, fast, reliable service. Fair pricing. Would highly recommend.
Sue BachSue Bach
23:34 12 Sep 19
Cary Grove Computers was able to not only restore my computer, but also saves all my files. Very pleased with their service, timeliness and fair prices. The owner is helpful and can be trusted. Would recommend and use them in the future.
Joe LanceJoe Lance
15:04 31 Aug 19
Chad has bailed my laptop out of laptop jail on several occasions. He has excellent knowledge and the patience of Job. I would never hesitate to do business with these folks. Nice selection of gently used electronics too!
Nery CaballeroNery Caballero
20:11 04 Dec 18
Chad showed great Professionalism! he listened to the problems my computer had, I was very clear in my budget and he worked a simple affordable solution, delivered results really fast. I will recommend his shop 100%, great service great communication! And he is very knowledgeable. Thanks Chad!
Sue SchuerrSue Schuerr
17:18 04 Dec 18
I found CG computers to be very helpful. My husband tried to make my computer grow by watering it. Actually he stumbled while watering the plants and destroyed my computer. After a gallant effort to restore it failed, CG came to the rescue by provided me a rebuilt Dell computer. I am a writer and public speaker and I depend on having a good computer and this one will do the trick for me. Thanks CG computers
Audrey GarciaAudrey Garcia
02:54 28 Nov 18
My iPad ?home? button was broken and was thinking I may need to buy a new one. I brought it to Cary Grove Computers they fixed it super quick and very reasonably too! Very happy with the service.
katie grosskatie gross
04:06 26 Sep 18
I would never take my Mac anywhere else. I have used Cary Grove Computers twice now to fix separate issues with my computer and I have always received the best customer service and repair options! They are reasonable, forward and extremely honest with what needs to be done. And, they do not try and tack on any ?hidden fee?s? or unnecessary charges to your repair. The owner even leaves the option of ?after hours? help, and is great about responding to any questions. 12/10 would recommend anyone with a computer problem (whether it be software, or physical repair) to check out!
Helen L ReedHelen L Reed
16:58 15 Aug 18
I highly recommend Gary Grove computer service: 1: They are local in my community . 2. I worked with a ? real caring person?. 3. They worked on my computer in a timely fashion. 4. Price was reasonable 5. I felt they were trustworthy . Helen
Sam CalabreseSam Calabrese
14:42 04 Jul 18
I?ve purchased computers and had my sons gaming computer fixed at Cary Grove. The people are very nice , honest, and affordable. I recommend this establishment to anyone looking to save data, purchase a Mac Laptop or Desktop, accessories, and more!
Paul HolderPaul Holder
19:57 27 Jun 18
Our computer was no longer recognizing our monitor. After looking at local reviews, decided to bring it to Cary Grove Computers. The owner worked to find a problem but after three days said that everything looked good. He was very helpful and very good at keeping us updated on how the work was going. Brought the computer home plugged it in and worked right away, as things go ... He seems to have great prices on new and refurbished computers and the service charge was very reasonable. Great experience overall.
Poochie GirlPoochie Girl
14:42 14 Jun 18
I highly recommend Cary Grove Computers. I have used their services many times and referred many family members and friends. Chad offers the best customer service and great quality work! You won?t be disappointed!
Laura BergmanLaura Bergman
13:30 10 Jun 18
Would highly recommend Cary grove computers! I called on a Friday night with a shattered iPhone 7 screen and had an appt on Saturday at 930am. Very reasonable prices as well! Didn?t break the bank! It took less than an hour and my phone is brand new again! Very clean store and friendly service! Thanks again!
Shedrick Duncan IIShedrick Duncan II
17:05 28 Mar 18
I was looking for a local repair shop for my wife's Mac. I came across Carry Grove Computers on Google and came to check them out. The service was great and Chad was so easy to talk to. Very helpful and fair prices! Highly recommend this location.

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